December 8th, 2022

How to Heat a Bathroom without Central Heating

The idea of a cold bathroom sends shivers down our spine, literally! At Boro Bathrooms, however, we understand that a central heating system can be a huge investment and not always one you want to make. 

That’s why we are here to suggest some cheaper alternatives to make sure your bathroom stays nice and comfortable, without breaking the bank. 

Consider an Electric Heater


Most people are surprised at just how low a cost they can get an electric heater for. An electric heater is ideal for pre-heating your bathroom to bring a bit of comfort. Simply pointing an electric heater towards the bathroom 20 minutes before you take a shower can make all the difference. 

At Boro Bathrooms, we understand that tiles are a practical and stylish choice for a bathroom. However, they aren’t renowned for how good of an insulator they are. This is where the electric heater comes in. Instead of stepping into a cold tiled room, you can experience comfort and warmth all for a small amount of money. 

Use Rugs


Do you prefer a bath to a shower? The best option for you could be to use a rug to cover the cold floor. Opting for a thick, washable rug is a much cheaper alternative to installing underfloor heating. It is also extremely easy to find bathroom mats on the market. Not only will this solution keep you warm, but it also serves to keep your grout in good condition, as it won’t be as susceptible to water damage. 

Come down to one of our showrooms and see the range of bathroom mats that we carry. We encourage our customers to come and view all of our products in person to truly understand the quality of the brands we work with. 

Install a Heated Towel Rail


We all know the luxury of a warm towel waiting for us after the shower, but what if you could invest in a bit of kit that would keep your towels toasty and heat the rest of the bathroom too? Consider a heated towel rail. They are cheaper than many other heating systems and come with the added benefit of drying your towels too. The heat the rail generates would spread evenly throughout the bathroom, leaving you warm and cosy. We sometimes add heated towel rails to our clearance section, so take a look at our range of ex-display bathroom products to see if you can bag yourself a bargain.

Boro Bathrooms manage your whole bathroom installation project from the second you walk into our showroom. As part of our process, we offer a free design consultation where we can see the space and understand where to put features like a heated towel rail. Get in touch with us today if you need help designing your dream bathroom!

Keep Plants


Did you know that keeping plants in your bathroom could actually serve as a method that makes the room warmer? This is because the leaves of a plant can increase the moisture in the air, making the temperature higher. And there’s the added benefit of plants being used as a decorative piece, making your room look unique and keeping you closer to the natural world. 

Our team is experienced in creating completely bespoke bathrooms. Each one we have fitted has been created based on our customer’s vision of their perfect bathroom. If this means using plants as decor, our team will be sure to include it!

Seal Holes and Windows


You can have the best heating system in the world; it’s rendered useless if your windows and doors aren’t properly sealed. Properly sealed windows will keep the heat trapped inside the bathroom. You always need to keep this in mind when using a heater or even just the shower. We don’t advise leaving your windows open for long in the winter and get any holes sealed up as soon as possible. 

Our dedicated team of installers is made up of the best tradespeople in the local area. If you don’t want to take on the task of sealing up your windows yourself, one of them would be happy to do it for you. 

Install Better Lighting


Some might consider this an old wives’ tale, but better lighting can give you a sense of warmth. Opting for lighting that is mildly yellow, orange or red will make the room feel much warmer. That’s why our own design team suggests this as a method for those who don’t want central heating in the bathroom. 

We hope that you take on some of these tips when you’re planning your next bathroom installation. Don’t forget, our team is only a phone call away if you want any extra help or guidance. Get in touch with Boro Bathrooms today!

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