March 24th, 2023

What Colour Goes With Grey Tiles In The Bathroom?

Redecorating using grey tiles? Here’s our Boro Bathroom’s guide on what colour goes with grey tiles in a bathroom. If you’re serious about modernising your bathroom, it wouldn’t be too outlandish of us to guess you’ve thought about using bold grey tiles. Whether you’ve picked samples in porcelain, ceramic, or marble – we can certainly see why 2020’s statement colour has worked its way into your main bathroom, guest, or en-suite as grey is here to stay. 

Grey tiles are daring though, so we can understand if you’re not completely sold on the idea just yet! But, if you’re willing to take the risk and make a statement with a gorgeous grey tile choice, let’s first start with the basics. Here’s our guide to what colour goes with grey tiles in a bathroom.

What Colour Walls Go With Grey Bathroom Tiles?

Before you go ahead and Google “What colour goes with grey tiles in a bathroom?”, think about the style you want to pull off; smart and savvy, relaxed and chill, or maybe minimalist and neutral? The best way to do this is by chucking your phone aside and switching off from what everybody else has done. Just grab a pencil and pad, and let your mind run wild! After all, your bathroom doesn’t need to look like it’s fallen out of a magazine or a showroom brochure, it needs to look like the one you will love. 

The key to making a bold colour like grey work for you is by throwing in a pinch of your personality. Here are a few options as to what colour goes with grey tiles in a bathroom:

  • Barely-there nudes: Pretty neutrals are an ideal partner for grey tiles if you’re after a dreamy, Croatian look.
  • Royal blue: Forget the streaky, sea blue, fish-adorned walls of the noughties. Rich, regal blue is complementary to grey bathroom tiles if you’re seeking a luxurious swash-buckling feel.
  • Another shade of grey: We’re not suggesting fifty shades, but enhancing grey tiles with a matte grey wall can look really cool and modern!

Not drawn in by these colour schemes? Be sure to get in touch with one of our bathroom experts today, we’ll answer any questions you may have and guide you through some extra ideas as well. We can also help you design your dream grey bathroom here at Boro Bathrooms – our 3D design service will help bring your vision to life! Alternatively, why not have a look at our gallery which features a whole host of different bathrooms that are sure to give you some much-needed inspiration.

What Kind Of Accessories Go With Grey Bathroom Tiles?

As cool as grey is, it can make a room look exactly that – cold! And, unless you’re in charge of redecorating the office loos, we bet this is a quality you’re looking to avoid. To warm things up a little, experiment with accessories that will complement the vibe you are going for. You can do this by:

  • Adding a gorgeous vase of flowers: Treat yourself and purchase some delicate lilies or a bouquet of tropical hues. False flowers will work just as well as real ones, though you can’t beat the smell of fresh flowers in a bathroom (and, they limit the need for air freshener, need we say more?).
  • Hanging up a few well-placed picture frames: Now, this looks cool if you’re going for grey-on-grey. Think grey chequered tiles with thick, preppy frames on the bare wall opposite. You could either go crazy with the photo frames themselves or use vibrant photographs to add a splash of colour.
  • Putting down a shaggy mat: Fluffy or shaggy rugs are an easy way of warming any room up, and bath mats hold more opportunity than you’d initially think. Get creative with the textures and materials – it’ll finish your fantastic grey bathroom off perfectly!

Where To Buy Grey Tiles For Your Bathroom

If you’re ready to shop for grey bathroom tiles, Boro Bathrooms is the place to go. We stock our own premium tiles, as well as tiles from some of the best tile brands from across Europe such as Baldocer, Unicer and Ceramica Rondine. In fact, we’ve got 40+ years’ experience supplying tiles for new bathrooms, which makes us confident that we can help you.

If you need more expert advice on how to design great bathrooms using grey tiles then get in touch via our website, or visit one of our stunning showrooms today, located in Rochdale and Bury, Greater Manchester.

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