5 Ways To Integrate On-Trend Brassware Into Your Boro Bathroom

April 30th, 2021

If you’re thinking about getting a new bathroom, you might have noticed that brassware is all the rage in 2021. However, the choice of brassware is now more diverse than ever. Whilst chrome used to be considered a popular choice, the current trends point to coloured brassware and accessories with nickel, black and white brassware gaining popularity. With so many options, you might be left wondering how you might incorporate brassware into your new bathroom design.

With bathroom design services from Boro Bathrooms, we can work with all of your specifications and requirements, helping you to design and bring to life your dream bespoke bathroom. So, with help from our specialist designers, suppliers, and installers, here are some ways that you can incorporate on-trend brassware into your new bathroom design.

5 ways you could integrate on-trend brassware into your Boro Bathroom

1 – Taps

An oversized brass tap can give your bathroom a touch of luxury whilst also making a bold statement. The mix of white porcelain and brass has a charming, modern, and rustic feel, which can complement wood counters and bathroom cabinets. If you’re not sure where to start looking, you might be interested to know that we are stockists of some world-leading brands, with options to suit all your needs.

2 – Brass accents

Whether you are opting for a modern bathroom design, or something more traditional and rustic, no room is complete without the perfect lighting and those all-important finishing touches. For an elegant bathroom design idea, consider reclaiming a brass chandelier and matching it to a gorgeous brass radiator, and various other small touches

3 – Brass framework

When coming up with a concept for your new bathroom design, try and unify all the elements with a running theme. For example, why stick to just brass taps and accents, when you could incorporate them into the framing around your shower, grates, and plugs for a truly modern bathroom design?

4 – Mirrors

Even if you have already started your journey with the bathroom design service from Boro Bathrooms, you can still incorporate some elements of brass into your new room. How about an oversized brass mirror to give the room a focal point that makes it pop? The possibilities are endless.

5 – A Bath

Finally, for those who don’t like to hold back, why not go all out with a large brass free-standing bathtub? After choosing such an impressive bathtub from our showroom, it’s only natural that it’ll become the centre of attention. You won’t have to lift a finger from the moment you walk into our showroom. What’s more, you can work with one of our fantastic designers to craft a modern bathroom around the aforementioned brass free-standing bathtub.

Have support and assistance at every turn, and incorporate on-trend brassware into your bathroom with Boro Bathrooms

These are just a few easy ways you can incorporate brassware into your new bathroom design. Many other creative ideas are waiting to be discovered. Whether you would like some additional advice, take advantage of our bespoke bathroom design service, or simply order from our extensive catalogue, our experts are always on hand to help – every step of the way.

Please get in touch by emailing sales@borobathrooms.co.uk or by calling 01706 538022 if you live near Rochdale, or 0161 327 0266 if you live near Bury. We look forward to hearing from you soon!