June 14th, 2024

How to Paint Bathroom Tiles: Step-by-Step Guide

Learning how to paint bathroom tiles isn’t as difficult as you might think, as long as you approach the project with patience and a willingness to learn. 

At Boro Bathrooms, quality bathroom tiles are what we do best. In this article, we aim to provide any eager DIY-er with invaluable advice on painting bathroom tiles. 

Professional tips on how to paint your bathroom tiles

On the fence about whether you should paint your tiles yourself? Whilst it often pays to leave your bathroom in the hands of experts, for those looking to save money, these experts can still offer tips from afar to ensure that you get the job done right. 

Read on to make an informed decision about DIY-ing your bathroom tiles.

What you’ll need:

– Your paint of choice

– Sugar soap, water and an abrasive sponge

– Rounded edge paint brush

– Foam roller

– Paint stirrer

Step One: Choose your tile paint

There’s no painting tiles in your bathroom without the right paint to get the job done. Yet, because there are so many brands on the market, it can be difficult to decide on the best product for you. 

The best paint for bathroom tiles is ultimately subjective.

Popular brands include Dulux, V33 and Maison Deco, though choosing which brand of paint you’d like wholly depends on the finish you want to achieve, and how long you’d like the paint to last. 

It’s important to note that tile-specific paint is formulated to withstand the wet conditions of a bathroom, and adheres well to ceramic and porcelain tiles, no additional primer needed. So, if you require a durable paint with a long lifespan, these options are worth consideration. 

Pro tip: Before applying your paint of choice, use extra-fine sandpaper to sand down your bathroom tiles. This gives your paint something to stick to without causing damage.

Step Two: Clean the tiles with sugar soap, water and an abrasive sponge

Before painting bathroom tiles, you must clean your desired surface thoroughly. Clean tiles mean that your paint will last longer! 

To do so, use sugar soap to break down the dirt and grime on your tiles and between the grout. Once you’ve scrubbed the sugar soap in with your abrasive sponge, wash away any remnants with clean water. 

Thoroughly rinsing is key as sugar soap may cause your paint to peel and flake later on. 

Pro tip: Experts recommend wearing gloves and protective eyewear when using sugar soap because it often contains sodium carbonate or hydroxide. This can be quite abrasive to bare skin!

Step Three: Use a rounded edge paint brush for difficult spots

We propose that a rounded edge paint brush is best for painting bathroom tiles because it is manoeuvrable enough to cut in around the sharp angles of your tiles. You can also neatly finish off difficult spots, like the corners and ceiling of your bathroom space.

Step Four: Paint the main section with a foam roller

Accompanying your rounded edge paint brush should be a foam roller. These rollers won’t shed particles into your tile paint, and they glide across smooth surfaces – like the ceramic or porcelain tiles of a bathroom! – with ease. There’s no better tool for covering a large amount of ground with your paint in a small amount of time.

Pro tip: A smaller or ‘mini’ foam roller set is best for small to medium-sized tiles. This ensures the greatest accuracy while painting, and keeps your bathroom as tidy as possible during this process.

Step Five: Keep stirring your paint

A paint stirrer is an underestimated tool that makes all of the difference to your bathroom tiles. Stirring your paint regularly ensures that all of the pigments are evenly distributed for an even colour. This also prevents paint separation from ruining the finish on your bathroom tiles.

Paint stirrers are merely paint mixing sticks, which means you can stir by hand without getting dirty! They’re simple but effective tools that make up most professional painters’ toolkits.

For more on the best paint for your bathroom tiles & DIY tips, look no further

For more information on the best paint for your bathroom tiles and other DIY tips, look no further than Boro Bathrooms. Luxe bathrooms are our speciality – after almost fifty years in the business, there’s nothing we don’t know! 

From how to tile a bathroom to choosing the materials themselves, we cover every step before you even get to the paintwork. Contact us today to discover our bathroom projects and how our team can help you. 

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