March 29th, 2021

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms in and of themselves can sometimes seem like a storage space. After all, you might store your towels, toiletries, shaving supplies, beauty products and any other everyday essentials in there, which can create lots of clutter. However, if your bathroom is on the small side, you’ll probably find that your space can get full pretty quickly. Here at Boro Bathrooms, we believe that your bathroom should be a peaceful place where you can unwind, and we think that a tidy space is essential for creating a relaxing environment. Using our design expertise and extensive knowledge on how to create the perfect bathroom, in this blog, we’ll provide bathroom storage ideas for small bathrooms so that you can keep your space tidy, organised and relaxing.

We’ve operated in the north-west, in Bury and Rochdale, for many years as a family business, helping hundreds of people to create a timeless design with effective bathroom storage solutions. To find out more about how we can help you with your bathroom project, contact our bathroom design experts by calling 01706 538022 if you live in or around Rochdale, or 0161 327 0266 if you live in or around Bury. If you’d prefer, you can also contact us via email at

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Simple but effective towel and toilet roll storage

Towels are usually the most problematic item in a small bathroom as they can take up quite a lot of space. Whilst towel rails, towel bars and wall hooks can all provide a storage spot for spare towels, there are so many other options that provide effective and attractive storage. Our favourite solution is a hamper or a basket that can inject a significant amount of style into your bathroom, too. These can come in all sizes to fit your bathroom. For example, you could buy a smaller basket to store toilet rolls on the top of your unit, and a bigger storage basket to tuck neatly under your basin, if possible, for big towels. Rolling your clean towels up and storing them in a basin can look just as cute as it is convenient!

Wall-hung furniture

Wall-hung bathroom furniture is perfect for providing loads of space for your bathroom essentials, whether that’s space for toiletries, makeup, hair tools, bottles of shampoo and everything in between. Whilst secret shelves are an effective option, we think that having wall shelves, where your items are visible, can add style and character to your space. For convenient storage that doesn’t compromise on style, we love a tiered shelf or recessed shelves. Any shelf that can hold storage boxes and trays, so that you can store even more bathroom necessities, are always great options.

Magnetic strips and adhesive hooks

To make the most of your space, it’s important to use every square inch of your compact bathroom. With just a few simple items to hand, you can add plenty of extra storage to your bathroom. Adding hooks to the doors and your walls, both high and low, can provide the perfect place for towels and robes – you can even opt for trendy metallic hooks to add a bit of shine and sparkle to your bathroom interior. To clean up the clutter of loose grooming tools, cosmetics and hair equipment, such as bobby pins, adding a simple magnetic metal strip to the inside of a cupboard door can provide clever bathroom storage for these items. We also love the addition of spinning trays to shelves inside cupboards as these make the ideal spot for any cleaning products that you want to keep out of sight.

Looking For A Bathroom With Plenty of Clever Storage Space? Get In Touch With Boro Bathrooms Today!

These are just some of the easy ways to implement more storage space into your small bathroom, but there are many others, include storage space that can be factored into the design of your bathroom from the very start. Over the years, we’ve helped our customers across Bury, Rochdale and further afield to create a bathroom that they truly love. So, if you’re feeling inspired to create a bathroom that’s not only full of style, but full of storage space too, our team are on hand to help.

Whether you’d like a hand with designing a bathroom or need fixtures such as baths, toilets, sinks, taps or even an entire suite, you can visit one of our showrooms where our team can help you to find the ideal products and arrange the installation. Please get in touch by emailing or by calling 01706 538022 if you live in Rochdale or 0161 327 0266 if you live in Bury.

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