August 31st, 2021

How Much Does It Cost To Refit A Bathroom?

To refit a bathroom sounds like an expensive and long process. You need to pay for materials, as well as your labourer’s time. At Boro Bathrooms, we want to assure our customers that a bathroom renovation isn’t as terrifying as they’re made out to be and break down some of the costs.

Checkatrade says that the average cost of a bathroom refit is £4500. Below, we’ve put together a little breakdown explaining exactly where your money will be going.

What Affects The Price I Pay To Refit A Bathroom?

With bathroom refits, there are a set of fairly standard prices that you will pay for things like the sink, toilet and shower refits, as well as tiling, etc. There are some factors that you may not consider when allocating your budget for a bathroom refit.

Some of these include any electrical work, such as a power shower or dual fuel heated towel rail, plumbing work, your choice of bathroom suite and the size of your project. In some cases, specialists may have to be called in, if the installation is looking complex.

A lot of these extra costs can be mitigated by opting for a smaller installation. Pre-plan your bathroom layout with help from the Boro Bathrooms team to make sure that your existing pipes and waste disposals are factored into the design.

How Long Will It Take And How Does That Affect My Bill?

The standard Boro Bathrooms bathroom installation takes between 7 and 8 days. Work usually starts with disposing of the old bathroom, which ranges from £400 to £800 if flooring and tiles need to be removed. You can mitigate the cost of any additional plumbing work by keeping the exact plumbing layout as your previous bathroom, making the pipes quick and easy to install.

If you need any extra electrical work, the standard cost of an electrician is £40 an hour. Requiring new bathroom lights or an extractor fan will add to the cost of the job, as well as the time the job will take.

The size of your bathroom will also contribute to the cost and time frame that it will take to complete. Although having a bigger bathroom will cost more money in materials, the job won’t take as long if more people can fit in your bathroom to carry out the work. Conversely, a smaller bathroom will cost less to refit, but the process will be longer because the entire team can’t fit on site. It could be worth considering time as a factor in your refit, as labour costs for workers can often cost more than the work itself

How Much Do Installations Cost For Bathroom Refits?

We’re all aware that there are lots of components to the bathroom that require installing a refit. The price you pay quite often depends on the tradesman installing your work. At Boro Bathrooms, we always try to give our customers the fairest price we can.

Most installations take between two and five hours. As you would expect, the components that are the smallest and easiest to install, like a sink, cost the least and take the least amount of time. It’s worth noting that taps are often not constructed into the price of a sink and bath installation and need buying separately. 

Then, of course, you need to consider tiling. At Boro Bathrooms, we have an impressive array of tiles at a variety of price points. More complex patterns and designs will take more time to fit, and they tend to be a more expensive tile as a whole.
Hopefully this guide has given you a rough insight into how much a bathroom refit should cost and where that money goes. For a quote on your specific project, get in touch with the Boro Bathrooms team today! We can arrange a home visit to see exactly what’s going on and give you the most accurate and cost-effective quote possible.

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