August 24th, 2023

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

The team here at Boro Bathrooms know a thing or two about bathroom tiles. For years now we have been installing bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles in Rochdale, Bury and Manchester. Once our expert team has installed your tiles, you’re going to want to keep the surface area clean and in great condition for as long as possible. So, in today’s blog, we’re going to give you a guide to cleaning bathroom tiles. No matter what tile you have, be it ceramic tiles, porcelain or marble tiles, our range of tips and tricks will ensure you can give them a thorough clean.

If you’re after some new bathroom tiles for your home and are located in Rochdale, Bury or Manchester then be sure to get in touch with us here at Boro Bathrooms. We’d be delighted to explain the types of tiles we offer and how we can help you create the bathroom of your dreams, reach out online, visit one of our showrooms or call us on 01706 538022 (if you’re based in Rochdale) or 0161 327 0266 (if you’re based in Bury).

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

Firstly, What Type Of Bathroom Tile Are You Cleaning?

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

Before you even begin cleaning tiles in your bathroom you need to assess what type of bathroom tiles you have. Why? Well, different bathroom tiles will react differently to certain cleaning products. Therefore, it is vital you know which material was used to make your tiles before you start applying different cleaning products.

So, if you have ceramic or porcelain tiles you don’t have to worry about them too much, they can be cleaned with a lot of household tile cleaners. However, something like marble reacts poorly to acid-based tile cleaners (ones that have lemon or vinegar in them) and abrasive cloths. In addition, if you have printed pattern tiles you might want to use a soft sponge or microfibre cloth. 

You can see why it’s important to work out what’s what your tiles are made of before you start a deep clean!

How To Clean Bathroom Wall Tiles

First thing you should do, if you can, is run some hot water over the tiles. This hot water gets into the pores of the tile and allows you to really give them a deep clean. Once that stage is done you’re going to want to choose the cleaner. For every day cleaning a simple bathroom cleaner will do the job perfectly, however, if you’re looking to do a deep clean then you might want something stronger to remove oil, grease, limescale buildup or any other nastiness that appears over time.

Once you have gone over it with your chosen cleaner, grab a clean, dry cloth and give it a wipe to get rid of excess cleaning solution. Then, before you know it, you’ll have clean wall tiles!

How To Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles tend to cover a larger surface area than wall tiles so you might want to consider getting a steam cleaner. It’ll save you getting on your hands and knees to scrub but be wary of the type of bathroom floor tile you have before you get out the steam cleaner. In addition, bathroom floor tiles are all connected with a protective seal so we would advise you to avoid normal detergents as this can damage that seal which will only lead to even bigger problems later down the line!

Find a greater maintenance cleaner when cleaning bathroom floor tiles to ensure you only have to deep clean every so often. 

How To Clean Grout

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

Cleaning bathroom tiles can do wonders for the overall look of your bathroom but to really make things sparkle you’re going to have to tackle the grout that holds your tiles together. It may require a bit of elbow grease but the overall result will transform your bathroom.

The key to cleaning grout is finding an old toothbrush! Yep, that’s right. For moderate grout stains, mix baking soda with vinegar to form a paste and then work that into the grout with your toothbrush. Leave for half an hour or so and before you know it the grout will be looking pristine. For tougher grout stains use a specialist cleaner which will really get the grime out, just make sure it isn’t going to ruin the tiles by testing somewhere that isn’t visible.

We Hope This Helped! Get In Touch If You’re Looking For Bathroom Tiles In Rochdale, Bury Or Manchester

As you’ve seen, a little elbow grease and the right solution will have your tiles looking brand new. If you’re based in Rochdale, Bury or Manchester and want to renovate your bathroom with a fantastic set of tiles then be sure to get in touch with the team here at Boro Bathrooms. They’ll be happy to advise about our range of tile options and the expert installation process will have your bathroom looking brand-new in no time!

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