June 28th, 2022

Should I Paint My Bathroom Tiles?

Renovating and giving your bathroom a new look can sometimes be less simple than you were expecting, since most fittings within the bathroom are permanent and are complex to switch up due to the associated water and plumbing work. 

That said, there are numerous ways to freshen up the look of your bathroom easily, such as adding a splash of paint to the bathroom tiles or walls.

Can you paint bathroom tiles?

This is a very commonly asked question that bathroom specialists and painters receive, and the answer is yes – you can paint bathroom tiles! Ceramic tiles, shower tiles, porcelain tiles, and tile floors: you can paint almost all types of bathroom tiles with a range of brushes, but be aware that painting tile walls and floors is nowhere near as easy as the process of painting your average interior wall. 

Bathroom tiles are most commonly located around the shower and bathtub area, and usually in the shower itself, so tiles are very prone to getting wet and covered in condensation and moisture. If a long-lasting, permanent solution is what you require, a full re-tiling process is a perfect solution. But if you’re after a more affordable, practical method of giving your tiles a new lease of life, adding a coat of paint with a paint brush is the cheapest solution that will work a charm when done properly.

Strong epoxy paint for wet areas

Tiling around the shower area and ceramic tile floors, which will get wet easily and frequently walked upon, will require a strong type of epoxy paint. Since a lot of dirt may get on your tiles along with the water, anti-bacterial, water-resistant epoxy paint is also advised. Epoxy paint can be applied in one-part or in two-part epoxy paint variations to paint ceramic or porcelain tiles. An affordable two-part epoxy is your best bet for painting bathroom tiles – just be sure to remember any grout lines too.

How to prepare your bathroom tiles before painting them

In preparation for painting your bathroom tiles, you must sand and prime them so they are in perfect condition for applying a coat of paint with a sponge brush, foam brush or foam roller. During the process of scrubbing and sanding the tiles, pay special attention to areas like the grout. After sanding, vacuum up any dust and then wipe it off with a damp cloth – this could be a microfiber cloth, drop cloth or a lint-free cloth. You could even use a grout cleaner or grout pen to clean the grouting.

Rolling coats of colour over huge swathes of tile at a time or brushing individual tiles are both effective options for painting your bathroom tiles – and there are many alternative solutions, like using a sponge roller. To prevent sullying grout lines, heavy brush marks and brush strokes, the best approach would be to use an angled brush, preferably an average sized brush, to apply a base coat and 1-2 coats or more overall. 

Appliance epoxy spray will add some extra water resistance and protection to your tiling. Dry time is important – you need to allow plenty of drying time so that the paint sets perfectly. Remember, do not rush, and always leave enough time to dry.

Our range of decorative bathroom tiles

Buying ceramic tiles, floor tiles, or any other sort of bathroom tile from a tile store offers several advantages. You’ll be able to see all of the items we offer the moment you step into our Bury or Rochdale showrooms.

Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and mosaic tiles are among our specialities. Our goal is to create a bathroom tile collection that strikes the right combination of design, texture, and colour. This allows us to provide our customers with the tiles they require to create their ideal bathroom suite.

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