March 24th, 2023

Creating A Moroccan Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

It’s fair to say that Moroccan bathrooms are very popular. Across the UK, people are hopping on this design trend and love feeling like they’ve been whisked away to sunnier climes every time they go to their bathroom. The great thing about this trend is its versatility and the fact that Moroccan style bathrooms look great in houses of any size.

Here at Boro Bathrooms, we’re all about making sure people across the northwest, in places such as Bury and Rochdale, can create the Moroccan style bathroom of their dreams, without it costing a fortune. With 43 years of experience in the bathroom renovation industry, we like to think we know what we’re talking about.

So, in today’s blog, we’re going to be looking at a few ways that you can create Moroccan designs in your bathroom in a cost-effective way.

Bathroom Design Trends: How To Achieve That Moroccan Look On A Budget

Embrace colour

This design trend is all about embracing bold colours. Ditch the beige, black, and white, and instead opt for a luscious purple, a deep blue, or a sunburnt orange. This relatively inexpensive option will give your bathroom space the inviting, luxurious feel that is so inextricably linked to the north African country. We’d recommend sticking to just one or two bold colours in your bathroom as this will ensure it doesn’t feel overwhelming. 

Use mosaic tiles

When you think of Morocco, you think of buildings, spas, and bazaars that are adorned with intricate, delicate tile patterns. Therefore, ornate patterns and mosaic tiles should be ever-present in your bathroom. We think they work best as a flooring choice and will offset that bold colour you’ve chosen to paint the walls with. At Boro Bathrooms, we have a wide selection of tiles, including some Moroccan tiles, and would be more than happy to consult and advise about what would work best for you.

We’d advise opting for a base colour, and then adding decorative arrangements and engravings to give a vivid, exciting finish. 

Incorporate metallic elements

As you’ve seen, a Moroccan style bathroom is all about bringing together different textures, colours, and surfaces. By incorporating a steel sink, a colourful chest to store towels, or a shelving unit made of brass, you add another texture and go a long way to creating that luxurious finish. We’d recommend going for something relatively solid in colour so that it doesn’t take away from the mosaic tiles and bold, vivacious colours.

To make the room feel bigger, why not add in some mirrors and a mirror cabinet? This is another great opportunity to add in a few more Moroccan touches and metallic elements that will offset the colours and tiling.

Want To Renovate Your Bathroom And Achieve This Look? Get In Touch!

If you’re looking to renovate and want to work with a trusted family-run business then why not get in touch with us here at Boro Bathrooms? We offer free delivery and free bathroom design and can help you create an amazing space. 

Call us today on 01706 538022 for more information, or send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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