August 25th, 2023

Creating a Victorian Bathroom Suite on a Budget

Decorating your home is no easy feat, let alone when your money is tight. When on a budget, it can be tempting to neglect the bathroom. Dreams of a beautiful Victorian style bathroom can seem totally unreachable if your budget is slightly lower. So many people eventually abandoning these hopes, choosing instead to focus on other rooms in their house. Fear not though, you too can have the Victorian bathroom of your dreams!

Well, we’re here to tell you that a Victorian bathroom can absolutely be created if you’re on a budget. Ignore those who tell you it’s too expensive, bathrooms deserve your time, effort and attention when styling your home, and a traditionally designed bathroom is the perfect way to turn your bathroom into a standout room.

The Wonders Of A Victorian Bathroom

Victorian bathrooms are timeless, stylish and can turn an otherwise boring room into something truly special. Proving more popular than ever, traditional bathrooms says luxury and regal, yet remain understated and fashionable. They’ll never go out of style, and strike the perfect juxtaposition between old and modern; while the furnishings may be vintage and traditional, the comfort and functionality is on par with any modern alternatives.

Choose A Focal Point, Make A Statement

If your heart screams ‘yes’ but your wallet has decided ‘no’, that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel altogether (pun intended). It’s still totally possible to achieve your dream, vintage-styled Victorian bathroom on a budget. All you need is a few key pieces and a little pinch of magic – and by magic, we mean a blog post just like this one.

We’ll say it again for the people at the back, just because it’s vintage, doesn’t mean it must be expensive!  Choosing one or two period focal points and surrounding them with some more affordable bits and pieces will do wonders for making a budget bathroom look banging.

The key here is delegating your pennies accordingly. Cheaper sanitaryware can be purchased to go alongside some timeless, more expensive or designer pieces. As opposed to the ‘all or nothing’ approach, creating a Victorian bathroom suite on a budget simply requires a bit of pre-planning and creativity.

Read on to discover our favourite Victorian bathroom pieces. We’ll also give our top tips for styling your room for as little a cost as possible.

Colour Scheme

Creating a Victorian Bathroom Suite on a Budget

Styling a room based on a colour scheme is a low-cost way to create atmosphere and ensure your finished room is something to be proud of.

Whichever room you’re designing, the importance of a colour scheme simply cannot be overestimated. It’s especially important if you’re designing with a set era in mind.

The good news is, you’re spoilt for choice. With so many colours, if paired with the right pieces, can be worked into a traditional bathroom. If you want to be truly authentic, go for a combination of black and white. White features with a splash of black (for example black taps on a white sink) look bang on trend in a traditional bathroom, creating a designer and expensive feel for a relatively low cost!

Other colours that look great when paired with more timeless pieces are the more neutral colours. We can’t quite imagine the Victorians bathing in a hot pink tub (not that we want to imagine that anyway). White, black or pastel grey on the other hand? What a stylish, understated and elegant treat for the eyes! With many of our products coming in different finishes, you can easily work a colour scheme into your room.

So, colour scheme is an essential component of creating your Victorian bathroom on a budget. Next, we’ll take a look at some of our favourite pieces to jazz up your bathroom and, that’s right, make it look more expensive than it actually is.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Creating a Victorian Bathroom Suite on a Budget

Picture a Victorian bathroom and often what springs to mind is a beautiful, freestanding bath surrounded by period accessories. We’ve got good news for you! This is entirely possible even on a tighter budget.

The Burlington Windsor Roll Top Bath is the perfect Victorian bathroom purchase, helping to transform your bathroom into something fit for Queen Victoria herself, no matter how much you spend on the rest of the room. This bath is traditional, durable and comes in two different sizes, ideal for those of you with slightly less space. Choose from the more traditional Claw or Classic feet. Or for those of you feeling extra daring, go for the Arc feet, providing a modern take on timeless style.

Thrifty Vanity Units

Creating a Victorian Bathroom Suite on a Budget

The right vanity unit can add even more understated style to a traditional bathroom, and the Roper Rhodes Hampton Cloakroom Vanity Unit is top of our list. Not just a pretty face, this vanity unit has plenty of storage and easy to use magnetic doors.

However, our favourite part is how easy it is to adapt this vanity unit to suit the colours and style of your room. Choose from vanilla, mocha, slate grey, pewter and chalk white. Each colour is neutral enough to look at home in a traditional bathroom – there are no bad choices – yet they still add a little extra splash of colour. The chunky ceramic basin looks perfect on this classic Victorian vanity unit, and the pre-drilled tap hole means you can really make it your own with your choice of small basin mixer tap.

Modest Ceramics

Creating a Victorian Bathroom Suite on a Budget

A traditional high level toilet is more than just a toilet. It’s a statement. The design is classic Edwardian, but the comfort is modern as ever. Not only will this toilet look the bees-knees in a Victorian styled bathroom, but it works as a beautiful, yet budget, focal point.

Period Accessories

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! Choosing the right accessories to compliment your more expensive pieces is an essential part of creating your Victorian bathroom suite on a budget.

We love upcycling products to create a more vintage and homely feel. While Victorian classics like a freestanding bath set the tone of the room perfectly, some upcycled, vintage accessories will complete the look and ensure the compliments come flooding in.

Taking an old mirror for example, and jazzing it up into a period piece is a great way to get creative while keeping your bathroom timeless and in keeping with Victorian design. Add a little something extra to your bathroom by pairing it with the vanity unit we mentioned earlier.

Other accessories to help inspire and delight include a Victorian style light fitting to a touch of elegance and warmth to a traditionally designed bathroom for very little cost.

Traditional Tiles

Creating a Victorian Bathroom Suite on a Budget

Patterned tiles are all the rage right now. They look beautiful and provide an eye-catching feature in whichever way they are used. Perfect for your Victorian bathroom, patterned tiles look great either on the floor or as a standout wall feature. We love monochrome tiles almost as much as the Victorians did!

Bathroom tiles can be an extremely cost-effective way to make a statement. No one wants the headache that ensues from being bombarded with too many patterns at once. So, in this case, less is certainly more.

Try not to overdo the patterns and colours. Instead, opt for a feature wall, or a cluster of tiles behind your vanity unit. If you decorate the floor with tiles, be sure to keep the walls neutral and vice versa. Restraining yourself will help save the pennies and your bathroom will look all the better for it!

Design Your Victorian Bathroom Suite Today With Boro Bathrooms

We hope this post has demonstrated that creating a Victorian bathroom suite is entirely possible. Even when you have a slightly lower budget.

The whole room needn’t be filled with expensive pieces – traditional furnishings are bold enough that you only need one or two to set the tone of the room.

Keeping the colour scheme in mind, getting a little creative and investing in just a couple of timeless pieces will allow you to create a beautifully traditional bathroom without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for help creating your dream Victorian bathroom suite on a budget, get in touch with the Boro Bathrooms team today or head down to one of our bathroom showrooms.

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