May 25th, 2021

Timeless Black & White Bathroom Ideas

Black and white is a classic colour combination that can turn its hand to any bathroom design. Whether you opt for a rustic theme or something modern, there are many sleek and vintage black and white bathroom ideas that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

A popular choice for interior designers and bespoke bathrooms everywhere, black and white bathrooms are simple yet elegant, allowing you to play with textures and accentuate the contrast. The design team here at Boro Bathrooms are firm believers that it doesn’t get any better than black and white.

So, if you are ready to take your bathroom design to the next level, here are some timeless black and white bathroom ideas for you to browse.

Our favourite black and white bathroom aesthetics

  • Black marble wall tiles with white veins

Black marble cladding the entire wall with white veins is a simple way to make a statement in your bathroom. These marble bathroom tiles can be used to give a modern take on a classic art deco look and can even cover the room from floor to ceiling for extra depth.

  • Or perhaps white marble wall tiles with black veins

Similarly, white marble bathroom tiles with black veins can be used to offset the darkness of their black counterpart or can be used to make an impact of their own. If you want to incorporate white marble into your bathroom design, it pairs beautifully with copper brassware.

  • Black detailing and accents

If you would prefer something more subtle when it comes to your black and white bathroom ideas, why not accessorise your bathroom with black detailing and accents? This could be anything from a black sofa to black cabinets and vanities – or even steel room dividers and brassware for an industrial feel.

  • Classic checkerboard floor tiles

Another classic, art deco black and white tile idea is the geometric checkerboard patterned floor tiles. Classic checkerboard floor tiles ooze timeless glamour, or you could play with textured bathroom tiles for a more modern feel.

  • Patterned floor tiles

To create a focal point in your bathroom design, you could instead opt for a patterned black and white tile. Think swirls and mandalas, or maybe something more eccentric like mosaic bathroom tiles. When you visit a Boro Bathroom bathroom showroom, one of our bathroom designers can take you through all of your options, and help you carefully select the pattern that is right for you.

  • Floor focused

Patterned flooring is not the only way that you can make a statement with your bathroom tiles design… Why not embrace the contrasting colours of the walls and floors for an effortlessly stylish vibe? Play around with shapes and textures for your floor tiles. For example, black hexagonal floor tiles are bang on trend and a particular favourite of our bespoke bathroom design team.

  • Black bathtub, shower fixings, radiator, and taps

Inject some personality with a bit of an edge by opting for a black bathtub, and pair it with black steel shower fixings, radiators, and taps to really make it pop. Head over to a Boro Bathrooms showroom to take a look at our range of standalone and built-in bathtubs.

  • Black and white doesn’t have to be a harsh contrast

Though the harsh contrast of black and white bathroom ideas can be a gorgeous option for some, bringing a 60s vibe or a bit of an edge, some people may prefer a light and airy bathroom with lots of neutrals. By opting for dark slate bathroom tiles and a slightly off-white or ivory for your colour palette, you will keep your bathroom clean, casual, and open. Pair this with lots of natural wood elements and natural light for that cool, California-feel flow.

  • Patterned bathroom wall panels or wallpaper

Did you know that you don’t have to stick to tiles when you are planning your new bathroom? Instead, you could go for a wallpaper or wall panel which has a bold print to create a feature wall or focal point to the room. You can find out more about wall panels in another helpful blog from Boro Bathrooms.

Need some advice on your black and white bathroom ideas?

Get in touch with Boro Bathrooms today to take advantage of our bespoke bathroom design service and begin your journey towards getting your dream timeless black and white bathroom. Please call 01706 538022 if you live in Rochdale or 0161 327 0266 if you live in Bury. Alternatively, email us at

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