July 27th, 2022

How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost?

Are you looking to transform your current bathroom into a luxury bathroom suite? Or, perhaps undergo a complete bathroom installation with everything from a new shower cubicle to a new shower bath? 

There are several things to consider when undergoing a new bathroom renovation, including the cost – of course! But, with Boro Bathrooms, we handle everything for you, so you can be rest assured that you can achieve your dream bathroom suite with a professional finish and affordable renovation costs

That said, every bathroom and customer’s demands are different, so the pricing can differ with every renovation. Here’s our guide to the cost of a new bathroom. 

What are the costs associated with installing a new bathroom?

As discussed, the cost of a new bathroom is not as simple as it seems, since the total price can rely on several factors and associated costs. So, for the most accurate pricing of your desired bathroom renovation, we recommend asking for a free quote from a reputable bathroom fitter such as ourselves. 

Bathroom fixtures and fittings

When you think of bathroom fixtures, you might just think about pricing up plumbing costs, the toilet cost, the shower cost and the prices of installing sinks and bathtubs. But there are many more bathroom costs to consider, such as the showerhead, shower tray, toilet roll holder, hot water cylinder, cold water supplies, type of basin, heating systems, and any additional plumbing. Price can even vary depending on the different types of toilets: will you need a rimless toilet, wall toilet or a downstairs toilet, for example? The prices of these can add up and increase bathroom installation costs greatly. Either way, there is an affordable option for everyone – and often the cheapest option could be the most popular option for your new bathroom.

For extra savings on these types of products, head to our Clearance page for ex-display and end-of-line bathroom items you can reserve online.

Heating costs

Heating costs are something to consider too: will you need central heating or underfloor heating? Plumbing costs are another expenditure you shouldn’t overlook, since the entire bathroom relies heavily on water systems for hot water, cold water and heating – be it for your electric shower, mixer shower, or downstairs toilet. 

You might require more complex plumbing if you have some advanced fixtures like power showers. Though costs can vary, getting the best plumbing layout will provide a quality finish to your space and save you money in the long run with less chance of water damage. 

Tiling and additional ventilation

If you’re the type of person who showers a lot, it could be an option to consider fans and ventilation systems near your shower enclosure, which could provide additional costs for you. Tiling and grouting types could determine your bathroom costs too, depending on the type of tile you opt for. The cheapest type of tiling could be a brilliant, cost-effective option, but could have an additional installation cost for placing them in the desired area of your space. 

Do you want a standard finish or a luxury finish? Either way, with Boro Bathrooms, we provide affordable bathroom installations with a great quality finish on every job.

Working with a specialist bathroom supplier

When planning your dream bathroom space, it is best to put your trust into the hands and creative minds of a specialist bathroom supplier such as Boro Bathrooms. Our family-run, professional bathroom service will handle everything from planning your bathroom design to installing all the fittings, as well as carrying out necessary plumbing work.

With over 40 years of experience in providing and installing the finest bathrooms, you can rely on our extensive understanding of plumbing, heating, tiling, and all things bathroom related! We take pleasure in providing excellent customer service to everyone who gets in touch with us, and steps inside our Rochdale or Bury showrooms.

If you’re looking to install your new dream bathroom, please call us today on 01706 538022.

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