May 26th, 2023

Should I Use Bathroom Panels Instead Of Tiles?

Over the years, bathroom design ideas have begun to move away from the traditional tiles, in some cases opting instead for bathroom panels. If you are unsure whether you should use bathroom panels instead of tiles, the Boro Bathrooms team have compiled an ultimate guide to help you in your decision.

What is a bathroom panel?

Bathroom panels, otherwise known as bathroom wall panels or bathroom shower panels, are a hard-wearing waterproof wall covering. An alternative to traditional bathroom tiles, bathroom panels are often made from PVC, Acrylic, or pressure laminated Vinyl on an MDF core.

Should I Use Bathroom Panels Instead Of Tiles?

Are bathroom panels better than bathroom tiles?

In order to help you make this decision, we’ve listed some of the advantages of bathroom panels, vs the advantages of bathroom tiles. Let’s take a look!

Bathroom panels vs bathroom tiles

Advantages of bathroom panels

Should I Use Bathroom Panels Instead Of Tiles?

There is no need for grouting

Though the look of bathroom tiles is appealing, it can be a lot of work to keep up the maintenance of their grout joints. However, as bathroom panels do not need any grouting, you don’t have to waste your precious time with a scrubbing brush.

Installation is quick and easy

Whilst new bathroom tiles require a time-consuming installation, bathroom panels are much simpler to install. Once the moisture-resistant drywall is up, simply apply adhesive, hang the sheets up and seal the joints. Although, you don’t have to DIY your bathroom tile installation. Our specialist installers can install your tiles for you, making it as quick and easy as the other.

And it makes less mess

Due to not needing grout, this also makes the installation of bathroom wall panels a lot cleaner than tiles.

They are non-porous by nature

When you live a busy lifestyle, as the modern-day person does, you have enough to juggle with your family, work, and kids without the faff of constantly cleaning your bathroom. As bathroom shower panels are non-porous, this means that they can be cleaned with a quick wipe down.

Can be more cost-effective

Depending on the material the bathroom wall panels are made from, panels can be more cost-effective than a bespoke bathroom tiles design. You can view a full range of these products at one of Boro Bathroom’s bathroom showrooms located in Bury and Rochdale.

Advantages of bathroom tiles

Should I Use Bathroom Panels Instead Of Tiles?

It’s the real deal

Whilst bathroom wall panels are often made to look like stone – fake grout and all – bathroom tiles are the real deal.

Fully customisable

A bathroom tiles design is fully customisable, allowing you to always get what you want. From black and white bathroom tile ideas to mosaic bathroom tiles, the possibilities are endless, and every design is guaranteed to be unique.

Easier to install around curved walls

Although bathroom wall panels might be easier to install on flat walls, they have their limitations. For walls with a slight curve or even a pillar, tiles are much easier to position to work around the curve. However tempting it might be to flatten or smooth out any untraditional elements such as curved walls and make everything more uniform, get in touch with the Boro Bathroom team, as we can design a bespoke bathroom to accentuate all of these unusual features.

More eco-friendly

Bathroom tiles are more eco-friendly than many other bathroom shower panels. This is because natural building materials like glass and ceramic are always going to be a greener option than a man-made alternative. Visit one of our bathroom showrooms to see how you might make a smart decision for the planet when finalising your bathroom design.

Better for tight spaces

It goes without saying that carrying pre-made bathroom wall panels up a flight of stairs and manoeuvring it into a small space is a difficult job, even for one of our professionals. On the other hand, it is easy enough to pick up boxes of tiles, cut, and install them even in a tight space. For other tips on designing a small bathroom, why not check out our small bathroom storage ideas.

Our bespoke bathroom designers are here to help

If you are still unsure about whether you desire bathroom panels or bathroom tiles, get in touch with Boro Bathrooms today to take advantage of our expert advice and our bespoke bathroom design service. Please call 01706 538022 if you live in Rochdale or 0161 327 0266 if you live in Bury. Alternatively, email us at or pop down to one of our showrooms.

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