October 21st, 2022

Wet Room Design Ideas 2022

Once a luxury investment for the home, wet rooms have become more and more common over a traditional separated shower and toilet setup. They are convenient, accessible and beautiful – when installed right! 

Nowadays, there is an amazing range of wet room design ideas available for the home, and we have amassed a list of the finest options for you. Not only are these wet room designs attractive and functional, but they add a great amount of value to your property.

Popular wet room design ideas for 2022

This year, wet room design has been revolutionised! 

New ideas about bathroom remodels have been pushed to the forefront, and new trends have come into being. In fact, customers have come to the Boro Bathrooms showrooms in search of complete bathroom and toilet renovation more than ever before! 

However, given the popularity of so many wet room designs this year, it can be hard for our customers to decide which one best matches their home. 

We have noted down the options you should consider the most, for your convenience. 

Consider underfloor heating

At Boro Bathrooms, we have years of expertise in bathroom heating. Particularly for a wet room, underfloor heating is a great investment. It’s important for homeowners to remember how different a wet room is from a typical bathroom: water can go everywhere, so ventilation and heat become much more important! 

In a wet room, water can cool quickly and spread far across the floor. Whilst this isn’t a big issue for wet rooms in warmer climates, in the UK, this will inevitably leave you and your floor wet and cold. 

Underfloor heating solves any potential problems you could have. 

Move away from traditional tiles

Although we at Boro Bathrooms love traditional bathroom tiling, modern wet room ideas give you the opportunity to move away from the usual classic or mosaic tiles. 

Consider using different materials for your walls and floor – marble or ceramic flooring is equally as attractive as porcelain tiling, and natural stone masonry can be a showstopping feature for your shower wall.

Invest in quality cabinets

Wet rooms need good storage, and they have the space to fit furniture-like cabinets! Quality cabinets can go far in storing your towels, toiletries and other amenities that your wet room needs. Invest in flat-panel cabinets for their minimal, sophisticated look. 

Wet room cabinets also come in a variety of different colours and materials: medium wood, light wood, dark wood and white are just some of our favourites. 

Choose the right vessel sink

A vessel sink is an organic, sophisticated sink bringing great function and beauty to any wet room in Rochdale or Bury. These sinks almost look to be free-floating, as they’re not built into a cabinet! Integrated sinks are equally amazing, but the visual impact of a vessel sink is unmatched. 

Choose a vessel sink made of polished granite or mandarin stone; these materials are extremely fashionable this year. 

Think about a wall-hung toilet

Wet rooms are a modern installation, so why not commit to the contemporary look? Wall-hung toilets are very modern, beautiful and compact. These are the perfect qualities for your wet room. 

At Boro Bathrooms, we can determine whether a wall-hung toilet is the right feature for your space through our 3D design service that uses CAD software

Don’t forget about the bath

While a good bathtub can be an additional (optional) expense to a wet room installation, there are cost-effective solutions that can only enhance the wet room space. 

For example, don’t forget about a corner bath: corner bathtubs are a relatively small investment and small use of space, but a highly valuable one. Wet rooms should be accessible, and a sit-down bath space removes the pressure of always standing up in a wet room shower. 

Freestanding baths are more expensive but rather beautiful. A freestanding clawfoot tub is a traditional bath for a wet room, but many designs nowadays have made them sleek and porcelain for a contemporary spin. 

What’s the difference between a wet room and a walk-in shower?

In a walk-in shower room, there is a clear separation between waterproofed areas and areas that aren’t. 

While both can have a shower screen that divides the space, walk-in showers are often elevated from the ground to make way for the shower tray. Wet rooms are generally flat, with the flooring angled towards a central drain. Further, a wet room is usually tiled from top to bottom, whereas a walk-in shower may only have ceramic tiling in the waterproofed areas

Essentially, a wet room is a totally waterproofed space, like a watertight box! A walk-in shower is only a small portion of the overall bathroom. 

How much does it cost to fit a wet room?

The average cost of the professional fitting of a wet room ranges from £4,000 to £12,000, depending on the size and quality of the features within. Labour only is much cheaper, rounding out at around £250. 

However, it’s best to contact our team who can assess your specific design spec and provide you with a more reliable quote

What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing a wet room?


Practical and accessible: Wet rooms, without elevated shower trays or cramped spaces to navigate, offer a practical and accessible bathroom solution. Importantly, wet rooms cater to the needs of the elderly or those with disabilities due to their one-level design.

A guaranteed investment: Wet rooms, when installed in a home, are guaranteed to return a better profit in future sales. Buyers are increasingly looking for such a convenient feature, and even if you don’t intend to move, the beauty and easiness of a wet room will repay your initial expense for years to come! 


Flooding: If your wet room is installed with the incorrect drainage capacity, water won’t drain away so well. Instead, it will pool and linger, raising the risk of flooding. A good designer should account for the high flow rate of a wet room, ensuring the right drainage is installed before anything else! 

Bad floor slope: Sometimes, wet rooms can be installed with a bad floor slope. Although a good slope is necessary to drain away the water, a gradient that’s too high can be uncomfortable and dysfunctional. The perfect slope should be unnoticeable and effective. 

All in all, most wet room problems can be solved with the right specialist tradesmen! At Boro Bathrooms, our specialists have years of experience across both minimalist and ambitious projects – get in touch if you’d like to discuss your options.

Contact Boro Bathrooms for your wet room installation 

It’s safe to say that there are hundreds of wet room design ideas, traditional and contemporary, for you to choose from. We hope you take inspiration from our list of the most popular ideas for 2022 to truly elevate the quality of your home. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Boro Bathrooms today for your perfect wet room installation. We have the drive and expertise to completely revolutionise your bathroom space. 

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