June 28th, 2022

How Much Should a Bathroom Cost?

Choosing which bathroom design and layout are right for you, together with deciding all of the fittings, furniture, and accessories that go with it, is crucial – even more so if you’re looking to stick to a specific budget! 

Knowing how much a bathroom is going to cost can be complex since there is a wide range of factors to consider, some of which can play a vital part in the overall value of your new bathroom suite. 

Ultimately, the cost of a new bathroom relies on a range of other costs and expenditures that must be taken into account, including: 

  • Bathroom size
  • Number of facilities you plan to install
  • Quality of the materials and amenities that you opt for 

With that being said, let’s delve deeper into this common bathroom-related query and outline how much a bathroom should cost

Why would you choose to install a new bathroom?

Everyone will embark on a quest to install a new bathroom suite for their home at some point in their lives – that is unless you tend to move home a lot or have recently acquired a new-build property. Even so, somewhere along the line, all bathrooms require a refurb or makeover to keep them functional and appealing. We do a lot in the bathroom, and it’s where human hygiene takes centre stage within our homes. 

Because all of our daily cleaning and personal care practices take place in the bathroom, they are susceptible to dirt and uncleanliness. It’s also a space that puts up with a lot of water and condensation, so mould and wear are common. If any fitting within the bathroom, such as taps, toilets, sinks and showers, become damaged or outdated, this could affect our everyday routines and cleanliness. The bathroom needs to be a relaxing yet functional, luxury space that facilitates the entire family.

Hygiene and functionality aside, a new bathroom renovation is a great way to add some value to your home. Again, the bathroom is a space that the entire household uses several times on a daily basis, so it’s a major part of the house that any homeowner will want to be up to scratch, fully functional, and attractive. Potential buyers desire a well-kept bathroom, and one that looks modern and smart will certainly impress them more than one that appears outdated.

What are the most common bathroom sizes?

The size of your bathroom can play a huge part in the overall cost, as well as the completion time, of your bathroom. A standard bathroom in the UK is sized at an estimated 20 square feet. Medium-sized bathrooms are around 35 to 40 square feet in size, and a large or full-sized bathroom is approximately 50 square feet in floor space on average.

What facilities can you expect in a new bathroom installation?

The more fittings and facilities you have to fit in a bathroom installation – from the toilet and toilet roll holder to shower heads and extractor fans – the more your new bathroom will cost. Although this is obvious, the cost of your bathroom will increase as you demand more facilities and fittings to be installed. Even tiling, flooring and plumbing work play a big part in the overall cost of your new bathroom suite. You could opt for additional tiling from a tiling expert.

Of all bathroom fixtures and facilities, the toilet, bath, shower and sink are the main four that just about every homeowner will need. Of course, the toilet and sink are essential no matter what: we can’t live without them. Whether you want a bath or a shower is completely up to you. You might even decide that you want a shower bath installed in your new bathroom space. As mentioned earlier, bathtubs and shower enclosures vary in price as there are many ranges that offer different degrees of quality.

All of the plumbing supplies you’ll need for your new bathroom will be installed and covered by a qualified bathroom fitter when the space is replastered. All necessary electrics and lighting will also be fitted. The amount of electrical work required can vary depending on the lighting you want, whether you want bathroom plugs installed, and some other varying factors.

Your shower could be an electric shower, digital shower, thermostatic shower, or a mixer shower and could include a shower enclosure, shower tray and shower head; each of which impacts the shower cost.

There are different types of toilets such as downstairs toilets or wall toilets, which could affect the toilet cost. Another common facility is the basin, be it a ceramic pedestal basin or a countertop basin. The type of basin you opt for can ultimately increase the overall renovation costs. A bathroom cabinet is another common bathroom facility that provides additional storage space.

How much should your new bathroom cost?

So we’ve talked you through some of the reasons why you might choose to install a new bathroom, as well as the most common bathroom sizes and the facilities you can expect from a new bathroom installation

Now, it’s important to consider the below, as these three topics can affect the overall cost of your new bathroom:

  • Is your bathroom outdated and needs everything removed? 
  • Is your bathroom a large and spacious area?
  • Do you require additional top-of-the-range bathroom facilities, such as a power shower?

We’ve already discussed that a number of factors can contribute to the average bathroom renovation cost nowadays. Likewise, we’ve discussed that it’s almost impossible to give an exact cost of a new bathroom since all bathrooms are different and everyone has different requirements for how they want their space to look and function. To summarise, the more facilities you require, the higher your bathroom installation costs will be. 

Every bathroom fixture has a different price range. For example, you could opt for a more premium bathtub or you could decide you want a standard set of wall tiles. Therefore, it’s important to consider whether or not you require premium or standard-quality facilities. Do you want a professional finish, budget finish, luxury finish or standard finish? 

The cost of materials is another factor that will be affected by the material quality and the type of building materials used. You should ask yourself whether you’re happy to fit the bathroom yourself, or will you need help from a professional? If you’ve got the skills, you could opt for end-of-the-line or ex-display bathroom fittings to fit yourself and save on cost.

For more help with determining the price of your new bathroom or for help finding the right bathroom for you, get in touch with us today, and we will put you on route to receiving your dream bathroom suite.

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