June 18th, 2023

How To Create The Perfect Minimalist Bathroom

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, minimalism is defined as a “deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design.” Here at Boro Bathrooms, we’ve seen this increase in demand for uncluttered spaces that involve simple cabinets, a small number of light fixtures, and next to no decorative items. 

While this simple design may sound a bit boring, this combination of a few select elements does create character. It also helps to promote natural light and a daily routine that doesn’t involve cleaning and putting items back in their place.

In today’s blog, we’re going to be looking at minimalist bathroom designs and offering up ways in which you can create the perfect, zen-like, minimalist space. 

For over 40 years, our team has been helping people across the northwest in places such as Bury and Rochdale fit their new bathrooms. From new cabinets and sink counters to a wide range of tiles, we have a great selection of products that are perfect, no matter what type of bathroom you want.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some ideal bathroom ideas for the person that wants less.

Minimalist Design: How To Achieve More, With Less

Opt For An All-White Bathroom


Unlike Moroccan-style bathrooms which promote big, bold colours, we’re wanting to achieve the opposite effect with these ones. Strip back all the colour and opt for a simple white or ivory palette, with maybe a flash of grey here and there (on the door handles, for instance). Nothing screams minimalist decor like clean lines and bright white walls, both of which create a spa-like feel. An all-white bathroom will go a long way to achieving the minimalist bathroom idea that you’ve dreamt about. 

Remove All Clutter

How To Create The Perfect Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist is just that, minimal. So, before you even think about purchasing some new tiles or a new sink counter from our friendly bathroom showroom team, go through your bathroom and remove all the clutter. Be that excess ornaments, shampoo bottles, or cabinet space – whatever ‘clutter’ looks like to you, get rid. You can invest in new pieces and features to create a minimalist bathroom, of course. However, without getting rid of existing clutter, you’re just adding to what you’ve got, which is the opposite of minimalist. 

Go For Glass

How To Create The Perfect Minimalist Bathroom

Glass is one of the minimalist bathroom essentials. Where you can, incorporate it into your new space. This could be as a glass shower door, glass in the form of a mirrored cabinet, or a glass soap dispenser instead of the plastic ones from the shop (simply dispense the hand soap into them). Glass features will create more transparency, and make the room feel bigger. You’ll also be able to declutter more by ditching shampoo bottles for more permanent glass fixtures.

Interested in Minimal Bathrooms? Get In Touch, We Can Help!

Those three tips and tricks are just a few things you can do. To go one step further and achieve your new dream bathroom, be sure to get in touch with us here at Boro Bathrooms. We stock a range of minimalist products such as stunning, clean tiles, bathroom sinks, cabinets, and showerheads. 

We have a range of modern bathroom solutions to suit a range of budgets. So if you’re keen to declutter this important room in your home, and transform it into something simple and streamlined, call us today on 01706 538022 for more information, or find out other ways to get in touch here.

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