February 12th, 2024

The Top 10 Best Small Shower Room Ideas

If you’re searching for handy small shower room ideas, this blog could be the spark of inspiration you need. We’ll be taking you through a range of innovative ideas including concepts that might not have crossed your mind!

Regardless of the type of bathroom or shower room that you are looking to design or renovate – whether that be a wet room, en-suite or small bathroom – size should not prevent you from designing a practical yet aesthetically pleasing wash space. 

When you have limited square footage to work with for your shower room, it is important to think outside the box to make the most of the space you have available. In smaller bathroom and shower spaces, every centimetre counts, which means that all of the elements and shower supplies in the bathroom should be thought through. Let’s dive into ten unique small shower room ideas.

1. Install a walk-in shower for a wet room

Remove the bulky bath and separate shower, and instead opt for a walk-in wet room. This removes large shower screens and space-taking baths from the equation. To do this successfully, a fully waterproof floor needs to be installed, with a gradient that will allow the water to properly drain away. 

In addition, you will also need to consider whether your wet room is going to be fully open, meaning the entire room will get wet, or semi-open, where only a section of the room gets wet. This decision will depend on the shape of the room and the amount of space you have available. 

2. Consider recesses to save on storage space

Remember that storage is a key feature when it comes to small shower room ideas, and when designing a practical shower or bathroom using a small space. Try inserting useful shelving within the walls of the room, as opposed to bulky cupboards or storage baskets which take up too much valuable space. This prevents the room from feeling too cluttered or crowded. 

Another alternative is wall-hung storage, which frees up room from the floor. A wall-hung vanity can provide a useful space for discretely storing toiletries, towels and loo roll.

3. Craving a bath? Squeeze in a petite bath 

Just because you only have a small shower room to work with, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having the luxury of a bathtub. Having a bath can increase your property’s resale value, so keep this in mind as well. 

For this small shower room idea, opt for a petite-sized bathtub, and install your shower on the opposite side of the room to maximise space if you want to keep your shower and bath separate. A slipper-shaped petite bath can bring a classic look to your bathroom.

The Top 10 Best Small Shower Room Ideas

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4. A corner sink or shower could save room

Why not snugly fit a corner shower, bath or sink into your small bathroom space? Try opting for a square or rectangular design that can slot into the corner of the room, or even go for curved sides which cause less obstruction to the space.

On top of this, curved sliding shower doors (instead of doors which open outwards) will also reduce the amount of space used. This feature will fit snugly into your shower room corner to free up space for other bathroom fixtures.

5. Sliding doors can help with clearance space

There are a few variations of sliding doors that you can use in your bathroom. Outward-opening doors take away valuable space in a bathroom and could prevent you from installing vanities, toilets or storage units in your desired space. Instead install sliding doors, which slide behind a fixed panel. 

This is a great space-saving hack for small bathrooms, and leaves room for other things to be positioned near the shower entrance. Alternatively, you could decide to install bi-fold doors which fold back on themselves. 

6. Use bold-coloured tiles to make a statement

To detract from the fact that the bathroom space is small, you could create a focus on another feature of the room as a visual distraction. 

For example, create a statement by installing bathroom tiles or painting using bold colours. This will draw attention to the focal point, whether that be a brightly painted vanity, or a feature wall in the shower where the tiles stand out due to their bright colour or interesting pattern. This in return will make the small space come alive.

Alternatively, snag an unusually shaped mirror or uniquely shaped vanity for an upcycling project that injects some colour into the space without committing long-term. 

7. Prefer a zen space? Opt for light neutrals 

What if bold colours or patterns aren’t your style? Go in a different direction and opt for light neutrals to create an airy, minimalist bathroom, making it feel more spacious than it is.

Top tip: Paler colours can help to create a feeling of calmness and tranquillity.

Bear in mind that if you do opt for the neutral look then you will need to use a range of textures and colour variations in the space. Otherwise, it could feel too clinical and cold, and this could draw attention back to how small the space is. In addition, you could opt for a gold-framed shower screen, or accessories on your vanity, such as handles or tap screws. This will add another level of interest to the room without it becoming overbearing or cluttered. 

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8. A shower bath can do both!

common hack for smaller bathroom spaces is to merge your shower and bath into one. Rather than have them sit as two separate elements taking up vital space, choose an all-in-one bath and shower, which can be created by having your shower hanging over the bathtub. 

If you do decide to go for this option then you could attempt to make this feature the centrepiece of the bathroom, and create a standout tile design behind the shower. 

Another helpful tip to create the illusion of more space in the bathroom is to use a transparent glass panel instead of a shower curtain. This will make the bathroom feel more airy and open, helping it to feel bigger than it is, and creating the illusion of a larger space. 

9. Fixed shower heads can reduce extra hardware

A great option for extra small shower rooms or bathroom spaces is to use fixed shower heads to limit the use of unnecessary hardware. A fixed shower head can live directly overhead the shower as opposed to taking up valuable wall space, which instead could be used for shelving. 

By the same token, an overhead shower could create a rainfall effect which also makes the space feel more luxurious. What’s also brilliant is that rain shower heads can deliver a consistent and smooth flow of water, meaning there will be less water splashback in the shower room. 

10. A built-in shower bench gives a relaxing experience when a bath won’t fit

Consider opting for a spa-style shower bench which lives in the shower space, creating a more relaxing experience for your shower time. It can also double as a practical unit in the bathroom for activities such as body shaving or exfoliating. A shower bench makes it simple to rest while washing. 

Not only can shower benches be a fantastically useful addition to your bathroom, but they can also look aesthetically pleasing. Your shower bench could be made with a sealed concrete finish as opposed to tiles, to create a streamlined finish. This is another visual trick to make the small space appear bigger than it is. 


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